Acrylic on Canvas
180cm x 160cm

Exhibited at Concept Box Group Show, Jordan  2021

Holy Fertility, 2017
Acrylic on Canvas
70cm x 50cm
Sold. Beirut Art Fair, Lebanon, 2019.

Grandiose Delusions: The 
 Unattainable Self Portrait,
Oil on Canvas
60cm x 50cm

Melpomene's Revenge, 2017
Dye, markers, watercolor, oil pastels,
acrylic on Paper
70cm x 100cm
Exhibited at Beirut Art Fair, 2023.

 Can't Stand and Deliver, 2021
Acrylic on Canvas
65cm x 130cm

Sold. Commissioned work, 2021.

See Less Steel, 2021
Mixed media composite collage
65cm x 55cm
Sold. Concept Box Group Show, Jordan, 2021.

 Inscribe, 2020
Mixed media on Paper
32cm x 41cm
Sold. Concept Box Group Show, Jordan, 2021.

Mother Tongue Tips, 2019
Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Paper
70cm x 55cm​​​​​​​
Sold. Concept Box Group Show, Jordan, 2021.
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