Faisal Karadsheh is a Jordanian-Palestinian multidisciplinary artist based between Tkaronto/Toronto and Abu Dhabi . His artistic practice explores how and why a body- which consumes space and assumes time - adapts, reproduces and constructs itself. Disparate narratives and tracings of skin, the in-between, collectivity, home, preservation, converge and arise to go beyond a singular conception of the body. Through a process of collecting material remnants such as consumer waste, food, traces of sounds, he ultimately works towards redefining sociocultural meanings around the intricate relationship within, and between, the body and its environment, seeking to conceive them as one.
Karadsheh's work spans across various media including painting, sound, video, installations, performance and xR, with his most recent presentations at the Toronto Arab Film Festival, Trinity Square Video and the Kingston School of Art.
2022      BeYonDerM, Remote Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2024      Close to Home: BIPOC Experiences of Family, Window Art Gallery, Kingston School of Art, Canada
2023      Metamorphosis Damma Launch, Kunn Collective, Toronto, Canada
2023      Vitrine, Trinity Square Video, Toronto, Canada
2023      Toronto Arab Film Festival , Toronto, Canada
2023      Deep Wireless Festival, New Adventures in Sound Art, South River Ontario, Canada
2023      ArtForArt Festival x STYLY, Toronto, Canada
2022      Alley Art Show, Kensington Market, Toronto, Canada
2021      Concept Box, Pop-up Gallery, Amman, Jordan
2019      Exhibition of Hope, Festival of Arabic Music and Art, Toronto, Canada
2018      Beirut Art Fair,  Beirut, Lebanon
2018      Annual Eyeball Exhibition, South Borden Building, University of Toronto, Canada
2023       Locals Only Magazine, Issue 04, Toronto, Canada
2022      Art in the Gulf, Richard Mille Art Book, Dubai, UAE
2022      SUKO Art Magazine, Vol. 01, Montreal, Canada
2023      Royal Bank of Canada Newcomer Arts Award
2023      Living Intuition: A Residency of Practice & Process, Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, Canada
2022    NEWVIEW School, Toronto
2021    Specialist in Architectural Studies, Major in Visual Studies and Minor in Psychology, University of Toronto
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